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Let us look at the pro-choice point of view when writing a thesis statement on abortion.

Pro-Life Thesis Statements

This may not be entirely true because the fetus is not part of the woman. Therefore, it is better to start to look at things from the medical aspect where termination of pregnancy should be legally carried out. Bring to light statistics with actual numbers but avoid giving dubious numbers as this can be challenged. Examples of the common situations when a woman may carry out an abortion may include:.

Use a Clear Thesis Statement

High risk of death when delivering either the mother or the fetus diseases or trauma may be a source of this. Genetically inherited disease or abnormalities making the newborn to suffer in the rest of his life. The woman who has a mental disease and may not be in a position to bring up a kid.

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The child may also inherit the condition. The other approach to making a thesis statement on abortion is making an anti abortion argument.

Essay on Abortion

In this case, we look at abortion from another angle where people may take it as murder. If we scrutinize more and read stories of people who have survived abortion, we are bound to change our mind and may even shed tears in sympathy. You need to have some pieces of advice on medicine and statistics.

The following are examples of pro-life abortion arguments:. Severe risks of womb and cervix damage after the procedure which might lead to massive loss of blood resulting to death or infertility, ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, a woman may not want to abort and can give it to others for adoption and bring it up. Can this be condoned especially when the mother is aiding to carry out the murder?

Legitimate reasons for abortion

If kicking a pregnant woman on the stomach is a crime; then killing a growing and functioning baby is worse. Every living being has a right to live! Stick to your points. The closing statement or the summary of your thesis is the section where you revisit your key point and significant ideas. Visit a wide range of research topics on abortion you have chosen from and focus on the most interesting ones.

Again, significant questions can be also be addressed. Examples include:.

Pro Choice Essay Examples

Do you need some consultation from your seniors like grandparents or even parent to carry out an abortion? No matter what your stance on abortion these tips can help you write your persuasive essay on the topic.

Pro-choice or pro-life? 39% of Americans don't pick a side.

The real challenge, though, is putting together an essay that is unique and interesting to read. Your professor has already seen dozens and maybe even hundreds of essays on this topic. This is the most essential aspect of your essay on abortion. Your thesis statement should not only clearly state your position on abortion, but also provide insight into why.

A good thesis statement would read:. It only takes about 8 weeks for the fetus to have developed all structures to form.

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  • It cannot exist on its own because it is not a biologically complete organism. It has no rights whatsoever and neither can it speak for itself as it depends on another person.

    Abortion as a Right: Arguments For Pro-Choice | Ultius

    Calling it, a person, therefore, is ludicrous, to say the least. A child will only acquire rights once it is born and becomes separated from its mother Rand, The Law states that a pregnant woman can procure an abortion for reasons including rape, incest, accidental pregnancies, teen pregnancies, health risks or birth defects.

    Many teenagers, for instance, seek abortion because they are too immature to carry the baby to term. In the recent past, however, it has been noted that most minors procure an abortion in order to conceal their pregnancies or their sexual activity from parents Henshaw and Kost,