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Therefore, they cannot be able to produce food in the country. However, they have technological advancements. On the other hand, other nations live in areas with excellent climatic conditions for food production. However, they do not have technological advancements. As a result, the two nations form excellent social interactions for purposes of helping another. For this reason, no man or a community can isolate itself like an island. In this same spirit of living together, psychologists indicate that it is impossible for a nation to survive in disunity.

Political leaders state that, when people are living together in peace and harmony, they can move mountains. On the other hand, if people are disunited, they can never survive anywhere in the world. It can be noted that a politician is likely to win an election, when he or she unites people. For this reason, it is clear that people depend on one another, in a nation, in order to survive. Historians have also not been left behind in support of the quote by stating that, based on experiences, nobody in this world can live alone Raphael, One excellent example historians use to support this motion is the period of the American Revolution.

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In the past, the colonialists were successfully able to colonize the Americans because they were in disunity Raphael, As a result, the colonialists were able to conquer the Americans due to their weakness. However, during the American Revolution, the Americans realized that they would never be able to defeat the colonialists and gain independence when they are in disunity Raphael, For this reason, the Americans came together in unity.

They planned and calculated their every move and eventually they were able to gain independence Raphael, Therefore, learning from historical experience it is extremely clear that people need one another in order to succeed. In addition, scientists have also joined in support of the motion stating that many scientific discoveries or victories have been because of working together as a team Griffins, Scientists believe that it is because of their team effort that many discoveries are possible. According to their argument, it is because of the work of earlier scientists that the current scientists are able to make significant scientific advancements Griffins, An excellent example is the relationship between Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.

Einstein would not have made the discoveries he made if it were not for the earlier efforts of Isaac Newton Griffins, The other groups of intellects who support this quote are the businesspeople.

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For example, the accounts department duties include calculating all the finances of the organization. Therefore, nobody can work alone in a company. Finally, those psychologists supporting the quote conclude the argument by stating that the actions of one person significantly affect other people.

Another example is the current global warming issues.

In this case, people are continuously burning fossil fuels resulting in the greenhouse effect. The loss of one person affects all of us. The marginalization of any person affects the whole.

The, No Man Is An Island Essays -- Global warming, Climate change, Earth

We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. But what do these fundamental tenants mean in the context of individual human relationships? Do we treat everyone else as if we are indeed interconnected? Are all of our relationships two-way streets, or is it all just about us?

Summary of “No Man Is An Island” by John Donne

Do we try and live our lives cut off from others? Or conversely, do we intentionally or inadvertently push others off to one side? And do we proclaim allegiance to these fundamental laws of the universe, while actually just paying them lip-service? What am I talking about here? I will list these examples from the severest situation of a friendship completely broken, then work up toward those relationships that appear healthy on the surface, but when looked at deeply, show signs of being one-sided. First, suppose a guy who used to be one of your best friends and you never communicate anymore.

You were best friends for almost fifteen years. He was the best man at your wedding. You have no idea. You never had a falling-out. Sure, he was like this even when you were roommates in college, when he would go through these strange periods of silence. Hot and cold.

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You get the idea. You met him in college and you continued to be close friends well into your respective professional careers. And once you started having families, it continued.

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The two of you had very similar professional career paths, and you routinely came back around to live in the same cities where you would get together and spend time together as families. You were close. Then some years ago, he did something friends do not do; he took advantage of circumstances when your family was in a vulnerable situation. With years of perspective now, perhaps you overreacted. The bottom line, however, is you have made several attempts since then to reconnect with him to smooth the incident over but he is apparently not interested in doing so.

As Christians, we have a duty to make every effort to make things right with those who have wronged us. Matthew 15—17 lays out the procedure we are required to follow when faced with one of these situations.

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If he hears you, you have gained your brother. Matthew 5: 23—24 mandates that we are to be reconciled to our brothers and sisters when we have wronged them.

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But the facts is — as with my two examples — we have no control over the other person. In other jobs, joint action at every stage is crucial, as on the car assembly line. This is even more the case where jobs are hazardous. The miner, the crewman of a lifeboat, the trapeze artist, the policeman, the fireman, the soldier and many others all rely on their 'mates' to ensure safety and help in dangerous situations. Wartime enhances the spirit of human solidarity both in the armed services and among civilians. The two World Wars brought civilians together in e. Britain, to such a degree that social and political barriers between classes and individuals were broken down.

Thankfully, many of these barriers were not reinstated when peace came. Sadly enough, all wars produce refugees and displaced persons, and often a situation in which a return home is impossible. On humanitarian grounds, the collective consciences of enlightened countries allow at least a restricted degree of resettlement and hopefully a welcome for these unfortunate people. Sport provides another example. In team events, interdependence goes without saying, but nobody can reach the highest levels in individual sports without the support of others, often family members, and the expertise of coaches.

People tend to band together to produce solidarity in the sphere both of politics and of industrial reform. In a free society, the powers of a political party and of a trades union depend on organization and loyalty. Advances both in democracy and in workers' rights will always depend on these factors. Even religion is more than a personal relationship with God. The Second Christian Commandment is "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

Modern scientific research is a matter of team-work, and the outstanding intellects of our day work from the base of the discoveries of their predecessors, even when principles enunciated in the past are found to be inadequate, flawed, or actually false. Hawking would have been nowhere without Einstein, who would have been nowhere without Newton. The human being is perhaps unique in that he or she can suffer emotionally and spiritually from sadness, disappointments, shame and bereavement.