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According to Pierre [16], teachers should be passionate about reading and act as model readers for their students.

A Study of Reading Habits

Schools should organise reading competitions with attractive rewards for successful competitors, and relevant media houses should feature such programmes. Teachers should therefore endeavour to teach students how to read and develop them to be ardent readers. It is only those teachers who possess good reading habits that could endeavour to impart these skills to their students. Conversely, those who do not possess good reading habits would find it difficult to engage their students in reading activities such as extensive reading.

Obviously, the reading foundation is formed both at the pre-school and primary school level. Secondary school teachers should be involved aggressively in inculcating good reading habits in students. Teachers must ask frequent questions on the read book that would provoke the curiosity of students to read more and more. Difficulty in reading or spelling might discourage an individual from engaging in reading and teachers should explain difficult words to students and encourage them to use the dictionary as well as to acquire more vocabulary.

When students lack adequate vocabulary to understand the texts, it will naturally lead to discouragement. It is not an overstatement by Haliru et al [10], that teachers are the chief drivers of the education engine. Hence, teachers must be passionate about the reading habits of their students. Teachers should continually challenge students with activities that will improve the reading habits of students such as providing reading lists of interesting materials which student will discuss together in the class.

Kolawole [13], expressed displeasure that most school teachers do not know how to promote reading. Hence, there should be continuous training and retraining for both primary school and secondary school teachers on the need to develop reading habits in Nigeria.

School teachers should advocate for the integration of reading into the school curriculum to resuscitate the dying reading habits of secondary school students. In addition, school teachers should encourage students to use the library by giving assignments that will compel students to use the library such as reading novels presentation of book reviews.

Developing the reading habit of students should not be left to language teachers alone. All subject teachers should harness their efforts together to accomplish in the students irrespective of their discipline or area of specialisation to inculcate a love for reading. Teachers must also engage in recreational reading, in order to increase their horizon and sharpen their intellect.

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School librarians are to play the role of mediator between books and students. They are to advocate for more funds in order to increase their book collections. Fund could be solicited from government, non-governmental organisations NGO and well-meaning Nigerians. According to Oyewusi [4], school librarians should strive to increase their collection to a minimum of eight 8 books per student, although this number is not even up to half of the international minimum standard of eighteen 18 books per student.

The reason for this reduction cannot be farfetched. It is the problem of lack of funds in schools to procure books for extensive and intensive reading.

Teaching English For Young Learner

Therefore, school librarians have to be proactive in sourcing for grants. It will be counter-productive if money is spent on underutilised collections. In addition, students should be allowed to read in an environment that is comfortable and conducive for them. Besides school librarians must ensure that the school libraries are in good condition and are stocked with adequate and age appropriate reading materials which are relevant to Nigerian culture.

School librarians ought to be accessible to students, that is, they must be friendly, approachable, not gloomy and hostile to students. School librarians should advocate for library period in the school time table in order to fast track the development of good reading habits of secondary school students in Nigeria.

In addition, school librarians must be good public relation officers PRO , in order to facilitate effective sourcing of funds. Those school librarians that engage in these methods had enviable success stories.

A Study Of Reading Habits Analysis

Mefor , as cited in Nwokocha [19], urged all Nigerian schools to launch a readership promotion campaign which will help to inculcate the habits of reading in students. According to Olasehinde et al [20], many schools public and private have not complied with library provisions in the National Policy on Education NPE. Ilori and Abdulahi [21], highlighted various roles of libraries in promoting reading habit as following: creating an enabling environment, provision of reading materials, library orientation programmes and motivation of students to be avid readers through literary competition and giving of prizes and other incentives.

Ailakhu and Unegbu [22] asserted that school librarians should continue and improve their reading promotional strategies the more, so that the impact will be overwhelmingly felt by all and sundry. Government has a significant role to play in developing the reading habits of students in the nation. There is urgent need to re-design the school curriculum at secondary school level to emphasise the acquisition of reading skills, train and re-train teachers and adequately fund the school system for the sustainability of educational standards in Nigeria.

Reading should be given a place in the secondary school curriculum apart from language classes such as English, Yoruba and French classes.

Why You Should Read Books - The Benefits of Reading More (animated)

In an interview conducted, Haliru et al. Therefore, government should integrate reading into the school curriculum in order to facilitate the turning of Nigeria into a reading society, where students at all levels would be passionate about reading. School guidance counsellors also have roles to play in developing the reading habits of students; through counselling and sharing success stories of people who attained great heights through good reading habits while they were young such as Ben Carson. Portraits or pictures of people who have excelled due to their good reading habits should be placed at strategic places to motivate students.

Students should not be left out in the effort towards developing reading habits. All efforts should be harnessed in order to remove distractions that are capable of subjugating their reading time to watching television, using social media sites such as: Facebook, 2go, whatsApp, and twitter among others. Students should be engaged in intensive and extensive reading that would illuminate their minds, sharpen their intellect and guarantee their educational success and all round development.

Marantina [23], affirmed that students do not like to read despite the fact that it is fundamental to their intellectual development. Hence, if every other stakeholder puts in their best and students still fail to do their part, low reading habits will remain the norm. Haliru et al [10], asserted that to inculcate reading habit, students must develop the habit of reading on a daily basis. Conclusions Reading habits of Nigerian Secondary School students has been a concern to all and sundry, because reading is the pillar of all round educational development.

Reading habits enhance individual self-confidence, moral and intellectual development. Reading habits are the essential skills that all secondary school students must possess in order to excel in their academic pursuit. Literature revealed that the reading habits of Nigerian secondary school students are declining. Recommendations The recommendations fall within the purview of the students, parents, teachers, the school and school librarians.

They are presented in the table below: Table 1. Egwim, F.

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