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Awareness of a possible link between repetitive head trauma and CTE may have motivated players with signs of brain injury and their families to participate in the study. Mez and colleagues said.

Study reveals reason for increased cardiovascular risk among football players in the U.S.

CTE is a progressive neurodegenerative disease associated with repetitive head trauma. To study the neuropathology and clinical presentation of brain donors with exposure to repetitive head trauma, investigators in established the Veterans Affairs—Boston University—Concussion Legacy Foundation Brain Bank. The present study assessed donors who participated in American football at any level of play.

Outcomes included neuropathologic diagnoses of neurodegenerative diseases, including CTE; CTE neuropathologic severity; and informant-reported athletic history and clinical presentation. Pathologists were blinded to exposure data and clinical information.

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Among the former football players median age at death, 66 , CTE was neuropathologically diagnosed in players. Participants with CTE had played football for a mean of And our custom writing services will play a helping hand in achieving your BA football degree and MBA football degree.

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Those problems start to occur as early as the Division 1 college level and are, he said, potentially preventable. They include high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and the development of a thick, stiff heart and arteries. Baggish emphasizes his research team is not aiming to discourage young men from playing college or professional football or to change the nature of the game: "We're simply trying to understand the risks and benefits of it.

Ultimately, we want the young men who are considering playing football to understand both the risk and benefits of this choice.

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In addition, we are aiming to see if we can change things about exposure to the game to make it less harmful, while still preserving the benefits. To that end, he suggests the introduction of aerobic conditioning as part of the general training regimen. When middle-aged men start running, their hearts start to become thinner and more compliant.

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The research team plans to study next exactly how much aerobic exercise would be required to offset the harmful effects of early rapid weight gain. And Baggish expects the results will be important not just to football linemen. Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Kim, J. JAMA Cardiology.

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Study reveals reason for increased cardiovascular risk among football players in the U. Download PDF Copy.